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Pioneer Power Group performs electrical system studies across the entire nation; including short circuit, coordination, and arc flash analysis. Our deep knowledge is combined with our tried and true processes geared solely towards our customer.

Arc Flash Study

Needed to ensure a safe workplace environment for your employees as these hazards can cause death or physical harm.

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Short Circuit Study

An analysis of an electrical system that determines the magnitude of the currents that flow during an electrical fault.

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Coordination Study

Ensures that your electrical equipment is coordinating properly and in the event of an incident.

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Electrical System Studies Company

With a talented engineering team combined with a focus on customer care, we provide end to end solutions to customers from coast to coast. We are a trusted source clients turn to for their power system study projects.

Arc Flash Studies

Our company provides comprehensive short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies that allow you to operate your facility safely and efficiently.

What differentiates Pioneer Power Group is the level of service you will receive not only from the technical firepower we bring to the table but from each interaction with our team.
Our team is a blend of highly qualified engineering talent hailing from some of the leading manufacturers to the brightest young talent emerging from their Master’s program in Electrical Engineering.

We welcome you to ask for client references and are confident you will see how we truly care about each and every job as it’s the most important. We have a “Whatever it takes” attitude to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and delivered to you so that you feel comfortable about the contents of the report and have no open questions.
Power Systems Studies

There are many different types of power systems studies that can be performed on your electrical system. Pioneer Power Group has performed thousands of studies for a broad set of clients and industries. We want to make it easy to get the appropriate study without taking time away from your core functions. We always welcome clients to ask questions if they desire a better understanding of the differences among studies.

We take pride in delivering a study done right the first time, on budget, and earlier than you expected to receive it.

Power systems studies involve checking various components of the electrical distribution system for faults and fixing them. Typical studies include electrical coordination studies, short circuit studies, arc flash analysis, electrical systems studies, motor starting analysis, and voltage drop analysis. If you own a business, office, facility, or plant with electrical distribution systems, you are expected to complete necessary power system studies. Compliance aside, these studies are critical to the safety of those using or visiting the facility. Proper tripping can also prevent costly repairs by protecting the essential components of the system.

Short Circuit Studies

A power system short circuit study refers to a unique electrical system analysis used to determine the magnitude of currents flowing during a fault. Electrical engineers compare these figures with actual equipment ratings to ensure the system is adequately protected. The study also aids in the determination of the required interrupting capacity for circuit breakers. Without a short-circuit study, the power system could be vulnerable to faults and damages.

Advantages of Electrical Systems Studies

The merits of electrical systems studies are relatively straightforward. Without these studies, engineers would have no way of determining the protection required to safeguard people, as well as electrical components and appliances in case of a power surge or fault. The key advantages include:

  • SAFETY!!! Protect plant/facility personnel
  • Compliance with electrical codes (NFPA 70E, OSHA, IEEE, NEC, etc.)
  • Minimize system downtime and nuisance device operations by isolating faulty circuits without causing power failure
  • Ensures proper tripping, which protects conductors, transformers, motors, and other vital components
  • Optimizes and ensures electrical systems will function as intended
  • Identify corrective actions for under-protected equipment and systems
  • Avoid equipment damage or failure through increased system protection

Coordination Studies

Electrical systems need coordination studies to analyze short circuits, fuses, circuit breakers, and equipment failure, and how they affect facility operation. The study evaluates the protective devices (relays, fuses, circuit breakers) and the protected circuits. It is also performed together with the arc flash analysis to ensure the system is in line with all existing electrical codes. Coordination studies seek to ensure the system has enough circuit breakers and fuses to protect you during power surges and faults.

The Purpose of Electrical Coordination Studies

Like other power systems studies, electrical coordination studies are performed to ensure the safety of the system, personnel, and property. The studies assess the risks and faults in the system, including overcurrent settings and breaker coordination to identify and fix issues that can lead to outages. Also known as protective devices studies, coordination studies ensure your facility’s electrical distribution systems have properly functioning relays, fuses, and circuit breakers and maintain reliability and continuity of service.

Reliable Power Systems Studies

Pioneer Power Group is dedicated to performing high-quality power systems studies necessary for facilities and business buildings. We are the premier power systems study company with experienced engineers and personnel passionate about ensuring electrical system safety and efficiency. Our company is customer-centric, focusing on the independent needs of each client to ensure top-quality services. We also offer fast response times and can help you meet compliance requirements for new installations and renovations. Contact us today to find out more about power systems studies — including arc flash and short circuit studies — and how we can help you complete the necessary inspections.

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