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Engineering Job Search & Interview Tips

A Pioneer Power Group Professional Mentorship Symposium - Presented to the Society of Women Engineers at the University of Pittsburgh (PittSWE)

As a presenting sponsor of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the University of Pittsburg (PittSWE), Pioneer Power Group was pleased to host a professional employment mentorship program in the Fall of 2021. The symposium provided students with the opportunity to directly engage with industry professionals, providing a rare chance to glean first-hand knowledge about what it really means to be an engineer. Such knowledge brokering helps students to develop the skills which are foundational to any successful STEM career, regardless of which company they work for in the future.

Pioneer Power Group’s participation in these types of events is highly impactful because it helps future leaders to build industry specific connections and knowledge. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about Pioneer Power Group specifically, while also gaining knowledge on career-critical topics such as job search techniques, interview skills and resume building. A group of 10 SWE members were in attendance and were able to interact with Pioneer Power Group staff, who shared their experiences and advice with helpful insight into the job search process. From job search resources to what to do after an interview, a detailed discussion ensued to help guide students through their current and future endeavors. This valuable presentation was shared online with approximately 150 members as a resource to help guide students through the challenges they may face when beginning a job search. “Job Search and Interview Tips with Pioneer Power Group” was a valuable and informative event for all PittSWE members to benefit from.

Pioneer Power Group & Society of Women Engineers, University of Pittsburgh

Pioneer Power Group’s recruiter provided a detailed discussion of job search and interview tips as well as a review of current opportunities at the company. The focus then shifted to more technical aspects, with a presentation by one of Pioneer Power Group’s power system engineers. This discussion centered on the technical aspect of power studies with specific insight from an engineering perspective and a general overview of a typical day in the life of an engineer. An outline of electrical system studies was provided, followed by a detailed discussion of short circuit, arc flash and coordination studies; what these studies are, why and how they are performed, and the processes Pioneer Power Group engineers go through for each study. 

Pioneer Power Group’s team also discussed some of the skills engineers possess, why these skills are important, and provided insight into the team and culture at Pioneer Power Group specifically. The members in attendance have passion for engineering and as an equal opportunity employer, Pioneer Power group was pleased to endorse and encourage women to continue to pursue their engineering goals. Alongside providing professional development workshops, Pioneer Power Group is also proud be a host for experiential education in the form of Co-Op placements. These Co-Op opportunities provide students with essential experience specific to their career development goals. As the workforce continues to evolve, Pioneer Power Group benefits from the fresh insights and energy that these young leaders bring, thereby allowing the company to remain responsive to industry specific emerging trends. 

“As the future of work shifts due to technological innovations, changes stimulated by the Covid pandemic and an emerging workforce presenting new skills and demands, our partnerships with young talent are more vital than ever before. It is through these partnerships that we can meet our commitment to building the workforce of tomorrow. Our three-way partnership between the student, our firm and the University of Pittsburg reinforces our continued commitment to innovation, and we are pleased to by one component of such a winning alliance”

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