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Pioneer Power Group was contracted to perform a short-circuit/coordination study for the safe installation of a new Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Plans for the new equipment were already underway so our client needed the study results as quickly as possible.


We often come across projects when no submittals are provided. In this case, we were expecting to see ATS short-circuit withstand ratings, as they are typically provided by the equipment manufacturer. Not this time, as we were told it was difficult to ascertain which rating corresponded to each device. Where other firms would view this as a barrier, we saw this as an opportunity to present creative solution and go the extra mile for our client.

Our Solution

Our engineers invested extra time and effort, at no additional cost to the client, to research the best possible solutions. We then contacted our client to explain the situation, what specific information was needed to proceed with the study and laid out all their options for next steps.


We eliminated the back and forth between the manufacturers and our customer to achieve a straightforward solution that ensured safety for all. At our very core, we work hard to give you accurate, speedy, and affordable studies you can rely on and in doing all that we can to save you time and hassle by coming up with solutions that will work!

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