Pioneer Power Group performs coordination studies by preparing time current curves for each unique branch of a distribution system.  By analyzing the tripping curves for each overcurrent protective device, Pioneer is able to recommend the best possible settings to:

  1. Ensure outages are minimized during abnormal conditions such as faults and overloads within the distribution system

  2. Ensure equipment is properly protected

  3. Minimize arc-flash incident energy levels at key equipment locations

The recommended protective device settings are shown on each time current curve along with a single line diagram of the portion of the system applicable to the curve.  All protective device settings are summarized in one, comprehensive settings table at the end of each report. This table is organized in a way that allows readers to quickly and easily identify settings that are required during start-up and commissioning.


"Late in the project I realized I could not energize my equipment without the coordination study's protective device settings. No one expected to complete that study in 2 weeks, but Pioneer Power Group coordinated closely with us, completed the study in less than 2 weeks, and allowed us to maintain our schedule and workflow."

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