Pioneer Power Group creates a model of our customers’ electrical distribution systems that contains all sources of fault current (such as the utility grid, generators, and motors) along with all system impedances (such as conductors and transformers).  With this model, we are able to determine the available fault currents at each key equipment location within a power system. 

This information is critical as a piece of equipment subjected to short circuit currents above its ratings could experience catastrophic failures during fault conditions – i.e. if a short were to occur between phases or from a phase to ground.

All short circuit results are presented in tabular form.  An Equipment Evaluation table is also provided that compares the ratings of each piece of equipment to the available fault currents in the distribution system.  If Pioneer determines that any equipment is overdutied, we immediately notify our customers so that cost saving corrective action can be taken sooner in the process of a project.


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