Pioneer Power Group provides arc flash calculations as required by the NFPA-70E Standard for electrical equipment locations such as panelboards, switchboards, switchgear, motor control centers, enclosed circuit breakers, fused disconnect switches and large starters/drives.  These results help qualified workers understand potential electrical hazards and determine the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) required to work safely. 

Selecting appropriate PPE for each location is critical.  Too little PPE could result in a severe injury to a worker if an arc flash event were to occur.  Too much PPE becomes cumbersome for workers, limits dexterity and increases the risk of the worker causing an arc flash event to occur.

Pioneer Power Group supplies an arc flash label to be applied on each equipment location considered in the study.  This ensures all critical arc flash hazard information is immediately available without having to reference back to the study.  Pioneer Power’s labels also include information on the electrical shock hazard at each equipment location to further assist electrical personnel in maintaining a safe work environment.

Arc Flash Analysis
Pioneer Power Group is a leading provider of arc flash studies. The NFPA-70E Standard requires arc flash analysis performed for facilities that have electrical equipment such as motor control centers, panelboards, switchboards, enclosed circuit breakers, and fused disconnect switches, among others.  The results of an arc flash study help workers understand the potential hazards associated with these electrical locations and what personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed to work safely. Pioneer Power Group works with all industries as our services help support the building and renovation of electrical facilities.
At Pioneer Power Group, we make arc flash studies easy for our customers by clearly and comprehensively laying out what system information is needed up front. Facilities trust us because we integrate the most recent electrical codes, latest software packages, and extensive industry knowledge in delivering our final report.


“The Pioneer Power Group Team goes above and beyond to help us with timely quotes that always cover what is required in the specifications. In this day and age when some sort of study is required on most new switchgear projects, it is great to have a vendor you can always count on for competitive pricing and quick response times!”

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