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Cheaper, Faster, Better: How Choosing Pioneer Power Group Can Save You Time, Money, and Effort

Pioneer Power Group is committed to helping businesses and organizations minimize their expenses, receive quick turnaround times, and employ first-rate services they can depend on. Here’s how we go the extra mile to build stronger relationships with our customers and distributors:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our team strives to ensure our pricing is competitive. We recently had a customer request that we reduce our study’s price by approximately $1,500 to help them win their project. By moving forward with that decrease, we knew we would not make any profit on this particular job. However, we wanted to help — and made it happen!


We were recently awarded three projects with a distributor because we offered a better price than the manufacturer, who quoted $18,000. Pioneer Power Group came in at $10,700 for the same three projects, providing a savings of $7,300. We know we can offer the same cost savings for all of our customers!


Exceptional Speed

There’s undoubtedly a lot currently happening in our market. While certain jobs are being put on hold, others are being rushed to try and get them closed out. In any case, we’re happy to offer assistance — especially for those projects that are more time-sensitive.


We are proud that our speed and turnaround times set us apart from the competition. When awarded a new project, you will receive your data request form within one business day. In a time of delays and furloughs, rest assured that our team is the solution you need! We’ll work with you to ensure we meet — if not exceed — project deadlines. Additionally, we understand that when the management of a project is exchanged between too many hands, productivity can suffer — which is why the engineer assigned to your project will be your dedicated specialist from start to finish, streamlining the entire process.


Superior Service

In addition to our collective expertise and ability to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, exceptional customer service is the lifeblood of our operations and relationships. This involves having a strong track record of going above and beyond for our customers; whether in or out of the office. Many of our customers still require arc flash labels to complete their site inspections. To fulfill these needs, our team arranged to have staff in the office weekly to get labels printed and shipped out on time — all while following CDC safety guidelines for social distancing.


Above all else, you need to turn to professionals you can trust — which is why our team keeps abreast of the latest industry standards and best practices. We are dedicated to following the latest codes and standards for the power system studies we perform, informing customers of any significant changes and updated protocols to keep them safe and adhere to regulations.


To request a quote or learn more about any of our offerings, including arc flash analysis and short circuit studies, reach out to the team at Pioneer Power Group today!



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